Jobs for the Boys: NSFT facing possible legal action over the ‘appointment’ of Antek Lejk as Chief Executive

Mr. Page,

Please send us:

a) the NSFT current Recruitment and Selection Policy as this is not available on the NSFT website;
b) the current NSFT Equality Policy as the version published on the NSFT website was last revised ten years ago.

Please send these documents, which should be readily available and are not, promptly.

For your information:

(i) We are awaiting a response to our formal complaint to Ian Dalton, the Chief Executive of NHS Improvement, about what we consider to be the improper, unfair and discriminatory process which led to the announcement of the selection of Antek Lejk;

(ii) We are currently considering an application for judicial review and a complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission;

(iii) We remind you: of NSFT’s duty to retain all information, physical and electronic, related to this selection process (including but not limited to SMS messages, emails, etc. on devices used for work purposes) which may need to be disclosed as part of any future legal proceedings; that any attempt to delete, amend or tamper with this information could be considered criminal. In particular we are aware that much of your trust communication as Chair is undertaken by SMS on your personal mobile phone and as such is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000: do not delete your messages or telecommunication invoices which may needed for purposes of correlation and ensure other parties to the process, including your recruitment consultants, are made aware.

We have copied this email to NHS Improvement’s Improvement Director and request that it is forwarded to the Chief Executive of her own organisation which has been a party to this process.

Though not formally a board director of NSFT, given his responsibility for legal and equality matters, we have copied this email to the ‘Company Secretary’, Robert Nesbitt.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Of course, this being Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), we have received neither acknowledgement nor the documents requested.

4 thoughts on “Jobs for the Boys: NSFT facing possible legal action over the ‘appointment’ of Antek Lejk as Chief Executive”

  1. The problem with any attempts to resolve fraud and misconduct by NSFT Board Members is that NSFT benefits from what I believe to be the very expensive services of Kennedys Law;

    ….. and Kennedys Law are making a “killing” out of the poorly funded and unregulated mess that is the NHS and The Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust.

    Just because I asked my GP if I could  review my medical records ….. I will become at risk of homelessness at 51 years of age on 1st April 2018 as a direct consequence of Kennedys Law overseeing unlawful witness statements dated 16th October 2015.

    Rather than just say “sorry’ for their errors and continued maladministration, the succession of CEO’s prefer to engage the legal services of Kennedys Law to cover up the Dystopian hell that this Trust’s management puts the patient (and staff) through.

    Yesterday, I received more sly and misleading correspondence from Kennedys Law employees Sophie Grainger and Samantha Goward – I was still on the phone to The Samaritans past midnight last night.

    The thought of having to deal with those vile, corrupt people is just too much for me to cope with – without a family or ANY access to NHS healthcare based on factually correct data.


    So I wish you good luck if you are going to take on Kennedys Law; they seem to be famous among other law firms for playing “dirty”.

    What annoys me the most is that a simple apology and a promise to learn from their maladministration would have sufficed

    The agenda of Kennedys Law and The Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust seems to be one of cover up and to play doctors off against their patients.

    I am in the process of writing to the Solicitors Regulation Authority;  not that it will make any difference as I contacted them before about the conduct of Maeve Sykes in 2014.

    The issue for Kennedys Law is whether the NSFT will become completely privatised before the Rule of Law catches up with Kennedys Law profiting from a broken NHS?

    Southern Health Foundation Trust’s came under the spotlight for its failures on Monday 26th March 2018 and hopefully it will not take too long for a fit for purpose review of the harm that Kennedys Law and The Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust may have caused the most vulnerable patients and genuine caring professionals in this region?

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