Newsflash: NSFT a priority for inspection by CQC under new approach

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The CQC website reports:

The first batch of NHS mental health providers will be inspected and rated in October using our new approach.

The inspections will assess the four providers to see if the service overall is: safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and well-led. They will be carried out by a mixture of inspectors, clinicians and Experts by Experience.

Following the inspection, each provider will receive an overall rating of either: outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

The providers listed below are being inspected for different reasons and include hospitals that are priorities for inspection following CQC’s analysis of evidence.

  • Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

We will be hosting listening events prior to these inspections, where members of the public will be invited to share their experiences of the services with members of the inspection teams. Details about these events will be confirmed on the listening events page soon.

You can also share your experiences with us online.

We are also currently recruiting for a range of exciting positions, so have a look at our new website for all the details.

We’ll keep you updated with details of the ‘listening events.’

1 thought on “Newsflash: NSFT a priority for inspection by CQC under new approach”

  1. Why is the managers’ solution always another meeting? Yesterday, our community team was forced to endure a compulsory half-day meeting with the manager and her multiple deputies – ‘business meeting’ monologue followed by team meeting extended without reason. We have been told that this innane, pointless extended format, chaired by a manager without even a degree, will be a regular event and takes priority over clinical matters, without any discussion with clinicians.

    The managers seem to believe that forcing staff into pointless meetings with low-calibre managers, more ‘team time’, will improve staff morale when the opposite is the case. Clinical staff, already attempting to manage impossible workloads and pressure, are now being forced to try to do their jobs with half a day less time in their already full diaries. Even the consultants weren’t consulted about this, I’ve heard. I think more unfortunate staff are being tortured today. If clinicians wanted this meeting, fine. But to impose it upon us is just counterproductive and unproductive.

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