No Fly-Tipping: Dumping of Failed Management Waste on other parts of the NHS should be Illegal

“The board had failed to address all the serious concerns that had been reported to them since 2014. The breaches of regulation identified at our previous inspections had not been resolved. The board did not ensure that the services provided by the trust were safe. They had not taken action to ensure that unsafe environments were made safe and promoted the dignity of patients. They had not ensured that there were sufficient staff to meet patients’ needs safely. They had not ensured that unsafe seclusion and restrictive practices were minimised or eradicated. The trust was not safe, effective or responsive at all services. The board needed to take further and more timely action to address areas of improvement.”

First bullet point of Overall summary in CQC Report of Inspection of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), 13 October 2017.

4 thoughts on “No Fly-Tipping: Dumping of Failed Management Waste on other parts of the NHS should be Illegal”

  1. These people seem to do the rounds and spread their inefficiency elsewhere. Only need to look at the people who started the decline of NSFT in 2013.

  2. Seems to be a rapid reshuffle taking place at NSFT. Deputies becoming Board Members. Will the same people be able to change the culture, reshape NSFT’s strategies and make improvements after years of poor decisions? There’s a deafening silence from the non-executive directors. There was a lot of fuss from the governors when it was suggested that the Board was not as transparent as it said it was: no comments that the Board was ineffective as was revealed by CQC’s report. Eight new governors positions are currently up for election. Let’s hope we get some new blood there.

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