Norwich Free Advertiser: NSFT vacancies at Norvic Clinic, Thorpe St Andrew, Hammerton Court, Norwich and the Fermoy Unit, King’s Lynn

You couldn’t make this up. While NSFT plans to spend £7.3 million on redundancies, it is running expensive press advertisements desperately trying to recruit temporary staff via NHS Professionals. Thanks to the campaign supporter who spotted this press advertisement and sent it to us. Let us know if you see any more – is NSFT advertising in Suffolk too? [UPDATE: See comment below for confirmation that NSFT is advertising vacancies in Suffolk] There are another 41 advertisements on NHS Jobs today as well.

As Gary Page, NSFT Chair has already admitted:

“We acknowledge that a key part of the service strategy we didn’t always get right was in relation to workforce planning.”

That’s a bit of an understatement, Gary. See for yourself:

Norwich Free Advertiser

7 thoughts on “Norwich Free Advertiser: NSFT vacancies at Norvic Clinic, Thorpe St Andrew, Hammerton Court, Norwich and the Fermoy Unit, King’s Lynn”

  1. There are recruitment ads running in Bury St Eds Mercury for registered Mh nurses bands 5/6, mostly weekday day time shifts, support workers band 2 and admin support staff band 2.

    Locations Woodlands, Ipswich Hospital, Walker Close, Airey Close and Oulton Broad.

    Yes – you couldn’t make it up!

  2. NHSP are not Trust specific, join them and you can work anywhere they have a contract…as this is a specific Trust advert I hope it isn’t the Trust paying for it!.

    Norvic / Hellesdon have had quite a few assaults on staff, some not so serious and some requiring time off work….extended periods in some cases….NHSP do not give sick pay……

  3. I have just spent over two months completing the recruitment process for NHSP, after I applied to an advertisment on the NHS website for admin/clerical workers. I am sitting here at the moment typing a lengthy complaint letter to the chair of NHSP as now, 9 weeks on, we have all been told there is no work in Norfolk or Suffolk for any of us, apart from the one full time job. We have had to have CRB checks done, complete lengthy occupational health checks, complete over 12 hours of online training – none of which was relevant to admin staff, attend an 8 hour course on staff safety, and now we are told there is no work. What a complete waste of money, time and energy!!!!!!!! Shocking organisation!

  4. NHS professionals is a modern symbol of workforce slavery where staff are sent out to work without any securities and are treated like ghosts in real time because you actually don’t exist for the organisation after your assignment

    no pension

    no development

    bad hr

    unnecessary suspensions

    dis loyal to workers

    basically every bad thing  about health and work like

    oh one thing guaranteed pay and flexibility.

    i wont bother it is overhyped and a financial trap with no consistency

    the truth hurts.



  5. And off course racism , class and bullying management in nsft

    they don’t like innovation

    young minds or talent

    new approach


    anyone who inspires in mental health is often submerged with old ideas

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