Stress and bullying at Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust: The statistics and quotes

From most recent NHS Staff Survey Results (2013)

2013 Staff Survey NSFT Comparison Chart

Exclamation marks indicates performance in the worst twenty per cent of all NHS mental health trusts.

NSFT NHS Staff Survey 2013 Staff Pledge 1

NSFT NHS Staff Survey 2013 Staff Pledge 2

NSFT NHS Staff Survey 2013 Staff Pledge 3

NSFT NHS Staff Survey 2013 Staff Pledge 4

From NSFT Friends and Family Test Q1 2014

“How likely are you to recommend NSFT to friends and family as a place to work?”

Answer = -52

“we do our best but at this time it is extremely stressful to be working for the Trust. this is likely to effect our performance”

“There are currently no other options for people who require our services but I disagree with the current trends in staffing which are providing the cost improvement savings which are required. The trust are losing experienced staff and the stress levels for staff in post are becoming unmanageable ? staff are not going off sick for fear of the workload on their return which will still be waiting for them and puts the safety of their service users at risk. Managed and staffed properly with effective time management and caseloads which would provide a quality service would mean the difference between a recommendation to others or not. At present I would not recommend the services of the trust but the potential is there to offer a service which is improved from the current.”

“Perceive a pretty basic service because of cutbacks and staff working under stressful conditions.”

“low staff numbers and highly pressured, stressed staff. Trust more concerned about cost cutting than patient care.”

“I’d want to make sure there are enough staff on duty to care and I’d want to nsure the staff on duty are alert and well themselves. Short staffing leads to lack of ability to help all patients in daily activities and lack of staff means staff have to go without breaks which means they get fatigued and I wouldn’t want stressed and fatigues looking after a relative as this equates to poor standard of care”

“I have chosen unlikely as i work in A&A in Yarmouth& Waveney area we triage and assess people over the phone, it is difficutl to assess mental heath needs over the phone as you cannot see people. Also we have long waiting lists as secondary services are receiving a large amount of referrals and case managers have long waiting lists and are stressed. We had a really good primary care service and people were assessed/treatment was provided in surgeries. As we no longer have a gate keeping services we are not able to cope with the amount of referrals we are receiving A&A MODEL IS NOT PROVIDING A GOOD SERVICE TO CLIENTS THEREFORE I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE TRUST.”

“I believe that currently we are struggling to provide appropriate care due to cut in budgets and constant stress on savings. Not only is this affecting care we are giving its affecting our staff to as the stress of the job and its responsibilies become more apparent.”

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