Video: BBC Look East leads with the immediate ‘retirement’ of NSFT Chief Executive, Michael Scott

Stewart White and Mike Liggins lead BBC Look East with the sudden ‘retirement’ of the Chief Executive of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), Michael Scott, shortly before the publication of an inspection report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

As well as outlining the worsening bed crisis and millions wasted on temporary staff, there are interviews with:

  • mental health campaigner, Norfolk County Council mental health champion and former NSFT nurse, Emma Corlett
  • local MP and campaign supporter, Clive Lewis
  • duplicitous local MP and the former Coalition Minister directly responsible for mental health, Norman Lamb
  • and, hanging on by his fingertips, merchant banker and Chair of NSFT, Gary Page.

Click on the image below to watch the video:



3 thoughts on “Video: BBC Look East leads with the immediate ‘retirement’ of NSFT Chief Executive, Michael Scott”

  1. I

    What I find appalling is that the NSFT staff at the coal face of the problems are paid poorly and seem to be provided with very little support and best training. Whilst the executives and managers seem to hide behind the scenes, BLOCKING admin staff from sharing the Exec’s emails.

    How can staff who are poorly governed and cared for – provide best care to vulnerable citizens?

    First Aidan Thomas is quickly shunted off to Cambridge before he could explain his actions at NSFT and now Michael Thomas; considering their pay, these overpriced CEO’s could at least explain their actions before they are retired off on fat “Misconduct In Public Office” rewarding pensions?

    As for Gary Page ….

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