BBC: Campaign hero Terry Skyrme interviewed about crisis and retirement

Nic Rigby reports:

Terry Skyrme said when he joined the mental health service in Norfolk, the county had one of the best outreach teams (working with people with mental health) in the country.

Mr Skyrme, 68, who has been a social worker since 1972, said he was once proud of the “fantastic” service provided by the trust.

“If it wasn’t for the bed crisis I would have stayed,” he said.

“I would take pride in my job. If someone had to be detained and that was best for the patient then you found a bed for them, but if there are no beds, you can’t do anything to help them. Morale has been destroyed.

“In Norfolk they need to fund proper community care and find the beds and restore funding levels.”

We are all very proud of Terry Skyrme who will continue to help us campaign for decent mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Thank you, Terry.

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BBC Norfolk social worker warns mental health service 'in crisis'

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