BBC News: Norfolk and Suffolk mental health Skype ‘outsourcing’ causes concern

 Emma Corlett, spokeswoman for Unison at the trust, said: “Our view of the report is that it shows whoever did the application did not have a very clear understanding of the work frontline staff do or the way face-to-face therapy works.

“We want a skilled and well-paid workforce here and we should not be looking for outsourcing workers with poor working conditions and wages.”

A spokesman for the Campaign for to Save Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health said: “That NSFT could even consider Skype shows how little the board understands of the work of its staff and the needs of its service users.”

Read Nic Rigby’s article in full on the BBC website by clicking on the image below:
BBC News Norfolk and Suffolk mental health Skype 'outsourcing' causes concern

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  1. In the article Gary Page is reported to have said; ‘ the application included a number of highly speculative ideas and thought gathering, with absolutely no commitment to any of those becoming initiatives that the Trust would wish to consider or put in place’. One therefore begs the question why put them in an application, (which amounts to a business plan), to the government when the Trust has no intention of following up the ‘initiatives’ it suggests.  Its makes no sense. It shows the Trust to be disingenuous, naïve, incompetent or a mixture of all three

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