Bury Free Press: NICOLA MILLER: Cuts to service are disproportionate

“The suicide rate of patients known to the services has risen – a truly appalling and sadly reliable indicator that the existing system is inadequate. It is not the fault of front line staff who are afraid in many cases to speak out. I have spoken to staff so unwell from stress that they themselves meet the clinical criteria for admission. The threat of disciplinary action because they are unable to meet their professional obligations because of these poor working conditions is ever-present when in fact it is Norman Lamb MP, the DoH and the NSFT directors who themselves should be held to account for failing to adhere to professional codes of conduct with regards to safe and appropriate care.

Mental illness strikes at the heart of what it means to be human, scattering social relationships to the wind and shattering our sense of self. How ironic, then, that service providers appear so utterly devoid of humanity despite being party to first hand experience of the devastation it can wreak.

Shame on NSFT.”

Read Nic Miller’s full article by clicking on the image below:

Bury Free Press NICOLA MILLER Cuts to service are disproportionate

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