NSFT pulls its Five Year Strategic Plan from the internet

Confused muppets

But you can still read our copy of the five year strategic plan here. The plan begins on page 20 of the pdf.

Strange the way it disappeared after we criticised it.

The papers for the Board of Directors meeting in Swaffam tomorrow don’t contain it any longer.

How embarrassing.

3 thoughts on “NSFT pulls its Five Year Strategic Plan from the internet”

  1. ‘•Change the service model for MH Services including egibility criteria to reduce clinical intervention and manage demand.’

    This is taken directly from a SWOT analysis and was cited as ‘an opportunity’…….

  2. Yes………and precisely where will these poor people go who do NOT meet the criteria….to their GP.  GP’s will be thrilled with this no doubt, and what will simply happen is that more people will end up in crisis needing a bed.  And this is ‘A PLAN’.

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