Recruitment crisis: NSFT forced to try to recruit in Ireland & Portugal having spent £7.3 million on redundancies in 2013/4

“NSFT is facing unprecedented challenges around recruitment, meaning a significant change in our approach is required.

In January 2014, the Director of Nursing and Governance reported to the Board on a number of specific services that were experiencing unusual events or circumstances. The Board were made aware that these events were impacting on clinical quality. One of the six key themes reported was related to short and medium-term staffing issues. Therefore “Workforce planning and Recruitment” forms part of the Six Point Executive plan to address these concerns…

NSFT’s vacancy position is subject to significant external scrutiny currently. This includes a range of regulators such as the CQC, KPMG (on behalf of Monitor), East of England (EoE) Local Area Team, and the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) .In addition NSFT is subject to on-going media attention, together with regular interest from the Mental Health Campaign, Staff side and Unions. All of the scrutiny attempts to draw correlations between the quality of services, patient safety and the morale of the workforce.”

“Strategy: National & International Recruitment Markets

Ref: 2.2.1

Theme: Engaging the national and international labour markets

Description: Developing national and international recruitment strategies (when the EEA can’t supply) to appropriately resource the organisation at all levels

Why: Although healthcare operates at a local level, the recruitment of staff need not be limited to only local labour markets. Certain specialist skills could be in short-supply locally

How: Undertaking targeted recruitment campaigns across specific geographical areas. Forming strategic partnerships with overseas recruitment agencies. Advertise in specialist journals/periodicals.

Owner: Director of OD and Workforce

Measure: Targeted campaign established

Priority: High

By When: May 2014

Progress: Scoping of viability of Irish and Portuguese recruitment has communities”

If you click on the image below you can download the Board of Directors papers for the meeting on 27 February 2014 which contains this information. Be warned it is a large download and this report is buried at pages 191-210.

NSFT looking to recruit in Portugal & Ireland having spent £7.3 million making staff redundant


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