Video: Emma Corlett of Unison and the Campaign interviewed on BBC Look East as NSFT fails CQC inspection at Hellesdon Hospital

It isn’t surprising that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) identified many of the issues about which we have been campaigning for many months. Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) cannot, however, call the CQC claims ‘inaccurate’ or ‘inflammatory’ as it has done to this campaign’s raising of the same problems. Only NSFT could call the two cases of people in dirty clothes ‘a one-off case.’ We’ve already documented mental health professionals buying food and clothes for the vulnerable from their own money as people are left in limbo without beds. Although you wouldn’t know it from the short BBC report, the CQC identified issues in Access & Assessment, appropriate care for the elderly and infirm, lack of capacity in community teams, people with higher levels of deprivation of liberty than necessary for their care and a lack of continuity of care because of the shortage of beds. Sounds familiar? As the CQC writes in its report:

“People did not always experience assessment, care, treatment and support that met their needs and protected their welfare. This was because the simultaneous major re-organisation of both community and hospital based services had adversely affected direct patient care in both areas. Regulation 9(1)(a)(b)(i)(ii)

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3 thoughts on “Video: Emma Corlett of Unison and the Campaign interviewed on BBC Look East as NSFT fails CQC inspection at Hellesdon Hospital”

  1. Thanks to the restructuring, the CRHT based at Hellesdon hospital have just lost 7 Band 6 assessors. So the amount of assessments not being completed in a timely manner will increase. What is the trust playing at? when will senior managers and directors be held accountable?

  2. Unbelievable stupidity but true !

    The CRHT have indeed  lost 7 of their most experienced Band 6 Clinicians who have also  been down banded and ‘moved’ to suit the needs of the trust supposedly  after an unfair sham of a selection process.

    No senior managers listened or cared about the impact of this on patients or staff

    The trust of course is defending this outrageous and unjust outcome by proudly taking the stance that CRHT is in fact getting bigger!

    Yes, with unqualified Band 3 staff as they have a misguided vision that more care will be in the community which will lessen the need for acute beds.

    The cost of out of area beds is scandalous and the CRHT as it was was, was  the only viable hope of reducing the need for admission BECAUSE OF THE EXPERIENCE OF THE SENIOR STAFF IT POSSESSED.

    Not only has this wrecked the careers of hardworking people but leaves more of the public at risk.

    Nice one yet another great decisionn


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